Building Connected Workplaces

Are you ready to step up the culture of your workplace to be one of connection, innovation and excellence?

Team Building

A vibrant and motivated staff creates a culture of productivity and innovation. Supporting your teams to feel valued and connected will support your business success.

​When this isn't present, absenteeism, presenteeism, loss of productivity and staff turnover can cost thousands of dollars


Communication that allows for a sense of belonging lets your workplace operate at an optimum level - leading to great job satisfaction, output and sales.

When communication breaks down, motivation and workplace harmony drops and instances of conflict and undermining increases. ​


Your leaders and managers are pivotal in creating a culture of excellence. Supporting them with high level coaching will enable them to bring the best out of their teams.

One of the biggest factors in job satisfaction ​and employee retention is the quality of leadership.


Staff that connect with the core purpose of your organisation  creates a workforce that believes in the value of what they do and increases performance.

Staff that don't believe in what they do make more mistakes, contribute less and are less likely to work to capacity.​

Having a connected workplace will increase the effectiveness of your workplace 

The game has changed. Businesses today have to keep on innovating and keep on meeting new challenges.
Research into productivity and innovation points out that having a culture of connection and excellence makes all the difference.
Are you ready to change the way that your organisation faces these challenges?

At Trish Everett Consultancy we have a number of solutions to

build a connected workplace

Mindset Support

Give your workforce access to a supportive and time minimal program that takes them through the skills and mindset that will build a culture of innovation in your workplace. This program supports habit change for increased job and life satisfaction.

Communication Training

Learning how to communicate in a way that builds harmony and understanding while challenging team member to bring their best is an art: an art that can be learnt through an evidence-based training program. Support your team to communicate through conflict.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a compelling method of creating empowered solutions to the diverse and challenging problems that face managers and team leaders. This process will support your leaders to excel in their leadership.

Tailored Solutions

Tailoring an approach to your needs can be a small or as big as needed. Statistical based assessments, collaborative action plans and implementation support provide a comprehensive and complete approach to enhancing your workplace.

My name is Trish Everett

I am a communication consultant and mindset coach. I specialise in working with organisations to build connected, innovative and success-oriented business cultures that both save money and improve workforce effectiveness.

Having helping people to build connections for 17 years,  my career has included working as a school principal and as a university lecturer at RMIT. I am passionate about the difference that connected communication can make to the world.

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