Building Connected Workplaces

Make a Bigger Impact

Building The Inner Leadership Of Your Team

You want a workplace culture that is brimming with motivation and productivity,
yet most workplaces face these challenges:

Work evironments stifled with blame and low-level conflict that eats away at team motivation.

Communication mishaps and break-downs leading to costly mistakes and reduced productivity.

Build up of stress that drops performance and leads to losing your best people.

And all this adds up.

Presenteeism, absenteeism and staff turnover cost Australian Businesses $87 billion a year.

At Trish Everett Consulting, we create positive cultural change with a holistic and whole team approach

  • Team Building

A vibrant and motivated staff creates a culture of productivity and innovation. Supporting your teams to feel valued and connected will support your business success.

  • Communication

Communication that allows for a sense of belonging lets your workplace operate at an optimum level - leading to greater job satisfaction, output and sales.

  • Leadership

Leaders and managers are pivotal in creating a culture of excellence. Supportive, visionary and connected leaders are needed in todays workplace.

Ready to create a culure your team loves to work in? 
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Meet Trish Everett 

Your workplace culture geek

We all have a why, a calling that sets our feet walking through our lives. Mine calls me to support people to build connection. Not because I think that the world should be all flowers and rainbows. Because in connection and community we become more, greater than the sum of our parts. Outwardly from that place, we can create more, build more, help more. Inwardly, we can start to build our inner strength nested in a deeper experience of belonging. And the loss of belonging is rife in the world today.

Building cultures of belonging isn't just a job for me, it is a calling. You can get the full low down on me and my journey at my About Me page.

What We Can Achieve Together

​Whole Team Inner Leadership

Imagine boosting every person in your team's motivation and productivity. Inner leadership skills do just that. 

By supporting your whole team to develop key inner leadership skills you will see dramatic increases job satisfaction, meeting of targets and the overall success of your team.

Connected Communication

Learning how to communicate in a way that builds harmony and understanding while challenging team member to bring their best is an art.

This is key not only to the productivity of your team but also in reducing the daily headache of miscommunication, unresolved issues and workplace tension.

​Governance and Decision Making

How you run meetings, make decisions and keep the momentum of action tasks will dictate how well you collaborate, co-create and ultimately succeed in your team.

This can make the difference between meeting everyone hates to meetings that your people are looking forward to.

Leadership Development

Leading is a hard gig. The pressure is high. You need your team to perform and there is so much to do. Stepping up to this challenge each day takes vision, inner strength, wisdom and humility.

It is top leaders who continue to develop their own ability to keep stepping up to the leadership plate.

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Trish Everett, Workplace Culture Geek, at your service..

I specialise in working with organisations to build connected, innovative and success-oriented business cultures that both save money and improve workforce effectiveness. 

Having helping people to build connections for 17 years,  my career has included working as a school principal and as a university lecturer at RMIT. I am passionate about the difference that connected communication can make to the world.

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