A Late New Year Resolution Session

New Year’s resolutions. Look, I know that the new year is almost two weeks old, but I have had other things on my mind. I see that it is time to set myself up for the new year. I am ready now. On New Year’s Day when asked what my NY resolution was, I drew a blank. I have so many ideas, hopes and desires for the coming year that I found it hard to dissolve them into a single vision.

So this article is for all those who are with me on late resolution setting, or for those who set one, but it has lost its allure in the hard light of the passing of the new year. It is a little overview of my process to arrive at a resolution or an intention that might see the year out. You interested? If so, you might like to get out a bit of paper and make a note of your responses.

Take Time
Ok, so it is obvious that I am not in a rush to do this. I like to take the first few weeks of the year to take stock and see what is bubbling up to the surface. I find the Christmas and NY festive season to be a bit of a shake down and provides space to see where I am at and what state I am in at the end of the year.

What Enables?

Reflection on when I feel strong, what supports me? So this year I see that talking with brave honesty, dancing, holding my kids, cuddling our rabbit, saying no when I am overwhelmed, are some of the things that enable me.

So how about you? When are you at your strongest?
What can you do for yourself to allow more of that part of you to be around?
What gives you support?

What Blocks?
Now I look at where I am losing my energy, what is draining and distracting me? What is stopping me? This year it was the regular culprits, when I would eat too much sugar, go to bed too late, not speak up when I had something to say, that kind of thing.

And for you? Where do you lose your energy?
What are the things that get in the way of your dreams?
Does anything stand out as a distraction that pulls you away from where you want to be? If so what are your distractions?

What are you trying to get done?
Oh yes, so what is this year of life about? This year in the unfolding of my life. I want to parent with playfulness and fun this year, be a co-parent who is clear and honest. And I want to finish my book.

And you, what does this next year hold for your life?
What is important for you to get done this year?
What is an important thing for you to focus on?

Any wishes?
Swimming in the ocean, I came across a mermaid. She said, “I can grant you one wish, what do you wish for?” I could tell you what I wished for but I think that I will leave it between me and the mermaid.

So if you were swimming in the ocean and came across a mermaid what would you wish for?

Beneath the feelings
Ok, so it has been a very thought orientated process so far. Now it is time to drop into how I feel. So how am I feeling? I guess I feel calm with an edge of anxiety right now with a splattering of sadness beneath the surface.
And then when I look underneath those feelings what am I needing? Seems like it is space, assurance and trust coming up right at this moment.

So how about you? After going through all of this how are you feeling?
And from that can you get a bit of an idea of what you need?

Putting it all together
So now I can look at it all, all these words on a page that access the edges of what I want in this coming year and then I write down what I want my focus to be for this coming year. And I also write down how I am going to support myself to do that.

So how do all the words look on your page?
Have you got a clear idea what you want your NY resolution to be?
How are you going to support yourself to make it happen?


As always, would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


Photo by zoutedrop under a creative commons licence

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