I'm Trish Everett

Workplace Culture Geek, at your Service

My job is to help organisations like yours build teams where everyone feels they are part of something important. That they are valued, and in turn, value what they do. 

Can you imagine what a team like that could accomplish? To pull this off, I bring to you a unique and powerful skill set that can help you and your organisation like no one else can. 

I have been helping people and organisations build healthy and productive connections for 19 years – both with individuals and in workplaces as well as through academic research. I am passionate about connected communication and how it contributes to creating thriving workplace cultures – both at an organisational and an individual level.

When working with teams and leaders, I am known for offering profound insights, delivered in simple and easy to digest approaches that have helped hundreds of people connect more powerfully and bravely to create positive change. 

My focus is on building emotional intelligence and a healthy growth mindset through strengthening your team’s inner leadership abilities.

My quirky, systems-thinking and unique approach can be a powerful support to you and your workplace.I make no apologies for calling it how I see it. My aim is to ensure that I leave you with the skills and the knowhow to embrace a more dynamic, creative and empowered team.

Apart from my consultancy and coaching work, I am also a highly regarded lecturer in the School of Health Science at RMIT University, where I am a specialist in the field of wellness coaching. I am also acknowledged the transformative work I did as a school principal of a remote indigenous school.

I was born carrying English and Aboriginal ancestry so this is why it’s important to me. I offer a unique approach to building the culture of your workplace.An approach that I have developed through far-flung experiences and a Jedi-like dedication to soul searching. 

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Meet 'Every Day' Trish

My morning ritual is to get up each morning and head outside to greet the sun. I believe in the power of movement, so at the moment I’m working up to a freestanding handstand. My kids stir, and we ride the morning whirl ‘til school drop off, a walk our dog and then into my office to start my workday. 

With a deep belief everyone should be able to have a voice to co-create what is happening in their lives, I started early on my path. In primary school, as a skinny girl with piggy tails, I was a school councillor. I realised two things at this early age. Firstly, that I passionately believed that a voice should be given to the people who were most effected by decisions being made. The second thing I realised was it was hard to speak up when you felt small or when you didn’t fully understand what was being discussed.

As I moved through my education, I thought that way to bring this change was through the system, though economics. From heated discussions with my teachers and lectures to questioning the representatives on a tour of the bodies of the EU, I found my economic reform model idea was a bust. I came to the realisation, that change I felt called to create was more in teams and communities.It was the joint momentum of personal growth and collective change that most excited me.  

I was called to world of education. I saw how both the growth of each student and the efforts of the whole school influenced the level of learning and success. This work took me out to the Great Sandy Desert in WA as teacher then later as a school principal of an Aboriginal Independent School. It was the challenge of making the school a great environment based on what the community wanted, what the government required, and what the teachers could both achieve.While I lived in and experienced Martu culture, ate goanna and even had a pet camel the question of ‘how does everyone have a voice that can be heard and how can all these diverse voices come together to create an outstanding, aligned and respected education experience for the kids?’ was what fuelled each day. 

After leaving the desert, I followed a path of learning. First, I did a Masters in Communication, learning more on how to build communication channels that make an impact. I then went on to study a Masters in Wellness where I explored the question of ‘what is collective wellness’ and ‘how can we create systems and practice that support growth and happiness in our communities and within our workplaces?. I become a wellness coach and a corporate wellness consultant running my own business at the completion of the study. I also returned to RMIT as a lecture of wellness coaching and later of wellness and lifestyle. 

While studying, I become a mother of two girls, girls that bathe my life in joy. I moved to Bega in the south coast of NSW and balanced my life of business, work and parenting. I have fallen deeply in love with the power of coaching and built transformational courses to help my clients improve their interpersonal communication and work with their mindset to step up and co-create the lives that they wanted for themselves. I also still find time to go roller skating with my girls, head out camping with friends and give my veggie garden the love it needs to get yummy produce each day. 

 As for my Jedi dedication to soul searching, that is a personal and spiritual journey that has led me to learn who I am at my core, how to navigate my life and live each moment in connection both to myself and to the world around me. I continue to weed out all the thoughts and beliefs about myself that only do harm to me and others.  I have meditated for years 20 years, have a strong consious movement practice and I am a shamanic practitioner.

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