We all have stories.

Do your inner stories give you strength, egg you on?
Do they hold you back? 
Are you living the story of the ugly ducking, feeling like you do fit in, that your not enough?

Are there times and places in your life where you get stuck in the part of the story where they are an ugly duckling? So stuck, that they stay there. Miss the part of the story where you grow into your true selves, to fully swan?

That is where I come in. Your inner story coach.

I help you to dive into that story, and see where it is caught up, where it has lost its fluidity, where you can't turn the page. 

Together we will discover how to unhook you from reading the same chapter, over and over again.

trish everett
wellness coaching

Are you ready to unlock the next part of your story?

This story of feeling like you are an ugly duckling can come up in so many areas of your life. The big ones that I see are in relationship to body, in relationships with partners, ex-partner and children and in living inline with your purpose.

wellness coaching
relationships coaching
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wellness coaching

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