Insights from Leading Bega Cheese

In this episode I talk with Aiden Coleman, the former CEO of Bega Cheese, an iconic Australian brand, as he shares his insights on leadership. We talk about the role of vision and empathy aswell as strategy. He talks about changes in the dairy industry, the acquisition of Vegemite, and the different aspects that leaders need. This interesting episode covers a lot of ground.

Aiden Coleman was named CEO of Bega Cheese Ltd in 2011. Coleman has accrued a long and influential career in dairy throughout the Pacific Rim, with senior management roles at Fonterra Brands Australia and Bonland Dairies Australia as well as at Tatua Dairy Co-op in New Zealand. Before that, Coleman earned Bachelor degrees in Economics and Psychology from Auckland University and a Business degree in Marketing from Massey University in New Zealand. Coleman is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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