Making it Through the Tiredness

6622743123_4302f54b23_bI feel pretty rough this morning. Well most mornings actually. Maybe it is the years of no sleep, or the late nights, but have I always been this way? I have always found mornings a bit blah, and yet as a mum, mornings are part of life. No more staying up to 2 am every night and sleeping in til 10 or 11 – that life is gone. Now 7 am is wake up time whether my kids are here or not. Kettle’s whistling, hmmm, cuppa ahoy.

The cup billowing steam sits there on my coffee table, with the promise of a bit more go for my day. I just feel like lying about and not doing much… But there is parenting to be done. I have to, no not have to, want to reach out of my tired bubble and connect with my beautiful girls. They have just got back from their dad’s today and I can hear raucous laughter as they play with the kids next door.

The overwhelming tiredness – no one told me that as a parent it would soak into my bones. Sitting under everything. And as a parent, and especially as a single parent, we find ways to work with it. Because when we have our kids we are on duty. Where am I going with this? What am I trying to say? That the tiredness is there and it is hard and there are ways to cope. Here are just 4:

Getting active can help
Well, it helps me and helps many others. There is something about lying down when I am tired, sitting around, it is like the walls of the tired bubble get thicker and thicker. So getting out for a walk with the dog, or a swim in the river, a session in the garden and so on can lift your energy levels. And I know getting moving is the hardest bit. Having activity bags packed and ready to go can help. I have a swimming bag and a park basket at the ready so that if I need a break, I can just pick up and go.

Checking out your vitamin and mineral levels
There are a hundred and one reasons that we are tired, that is the nature of parenthood it seems, but making sure that your engines are topped up can be helpful. If you are deficient in iron, zinc or some other random thing that your body really needs, you’re going to be running on empty. Seeing a doctor or a naturopath can help you to re-gain a happy body chemistry.

What is draining your energy? What is giving you energy?
A little life audit might be in order. Checking out where we feel drained and also where and when we are feeling energised. This can give you some clues about what changes you might like to make in your life.

Where is your energy going?
What things are you enjoying doing?
What things leave you feeling drained?

Are you getting enough sleep?
I know that there are a hundred and one things to do or be or enjoy after the kids go to sleep… I know. I would like to fit the whole day into those hours. But hey, I don’t think that it is possible (no matter how hard I try). Sleep is definitely super important.

Sure the tiredness might just pass on its own, but maybe I can get active about it and maybe you can too. Brush some of the tired out of the corners of your life. Ahhh, time for another cuppa I think.


Image by Björn Bechstein under a creative commons license

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