The Neuroscience of Leadership

What makes a leader wise? That is the question that I explored in my interview with Dr Jeffrey Schwartz and Josie Thomson today.

In this interview we looked at what leadership is and how using mindfulness to access the wise advocate can give leaders an awareness of their own mental action and build an understanding of their own inner process. This understanding allows them to better know the people that they are leading and how to lead them forward. How to lead using the understanding of how we think.

Through the interview, they talk about two approaches to using the mind in leadership. The low road and the high road. We look at how each of these ways of thinking work and how you can make a choice to have control over the way you think and act.

If you would like to learn more about the work the Dr Jeffrey Schwartz does you can find his books, video and more information at his website

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Jeffrey and Josie


And don’t forget to keep an eye out for their new book being released later this year.

The dharma talk at Seattle insight meditation center I referring to was given by Rodney Smith.

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