Self-Understanding in Leadership

To be about to lead others effectively, first, we must understand ourselves. In this episode of The Leadership Edge, I talk with Geoff Price. Geoff is the founding CEO, and designer of Worksmart8, online leadership development software that propels leaders, teams and organisations through change. He shares with us how leaders can build a greater understanding of themselves to enhance their leadership abilities. He talks about how from a place of self-awareness and mastery, leaders can create workplace the promote trust and environments that operate with contrastive and creative conflict where the process builds workplace relationships.

Geoff is an executive coach, author, psychotherapist, and mediator with decades of experience in coaching and facilitating change and development. Personal experience of Leadership as CEO of Just Solutions and CEO of Pathways Foundation. Geoff has coached leaders and teams in Australia, UK and Spain. He runs “Leadership – the Real Deal” workshop for the CEO Institute. If you would like to find out more about him, head to


Trish Everett

A little about me. I am a communication consultant and mindset coach specialising in building organisational or home cultures that people love to be part of.

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