This story of feeling like you are an ugly duckling can come up in so many areas of your life. The big ones that I see are in relationship to body, in relationships with partners, ex-partner and children and in living inline with your purpose.

wellness coaching

How is your relationship your body and your health? In these sessions we look at bringing change to your health and body from a place of self love

relationships coaching

Relationships can bring up so many stories that hold you and your relationship back. I offer relationship coaching for both couples and individuals

separation coaching

Separation is a massive life event. It has the power to sink you and the power to bring up big healing. These sessions are about moving forward from a place of empowerment

wellness coaching

There are so many places that you can make yourself smaller and that stops you from being able to live your life purpose. These sessions get the 'small' you out of the way so you can shine


Feeling like an ugly duckling is something that can come up in so many areas of your life. These sessions look at all the areas where you are not living your swan yet

wellness coaching


Coaching is a conversation that brings out the authentic and powerful person that you are. It is all about have a conversations where you are guided and supported to find the answers that not only are true to you, but are the ones where you feel empowered to make the changes to enrich your life.

I am an inner story coach. I use a combination of developmental and somatic coaching, narrative counseling and nonviolent communication mediation to help you find your own truth. I work with both individuals and couples with this approach that has a focus on moving forward with respect and learning from the past.

We dive into the stories where you tell yourself that you are not enough, that you are an ugly duckling, and set you up to be able to turn the page to start living your swan when YOU are ready.

​It is not a process where I give you advice and tell you what to do.  It is deeper that that. It is a process where I connect you to the deep motivation within you to have more of what you thrive on in your life.

Trish Everett

Coaching Packages

I am based in the Bega Valley in NSW. I offer coaching online using skype or zoom. In person coaching is available it you come to the Bega Valley.

Single Session

A one-on-one session over skype

Single sessions are available for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

For individuals or couples

from $69


One month of weekly sessions

We start with a 90 minute session and then have 3 60 minute session. This can week weekly or fortnightly

Options for individuals or couples

from $490

Swan Dive

6 months of monthly 60 min calls

We meet for a 60 minute session month with email support between sessions 

Options for individuals or couples

From $ 127/month

wellness coaching

Monthly mindset and Habit changing Support

Join my membership group to get weekly 5- 10 minute tasks that will help you to be more successful in life and in business.

You will have access to monthly live calls with experts in the area of the month and a live coaching circle

Free things

Have you seen the Resolve It Negotiation Support Package? It is a free package that I put together to give you some tools and skills which will help you have those hard conversations. It is totally packed with useful things that you need in order to work through conflict with your partner or your ex-partner.

You might also be interested in my 7 Days of Hooping series… and it isn’t just hula hooping. Over 7 days I will work through my B Connected Framework to explore relationships using the hoop. You can join in and hoop with me or you can just sit back, enjoy the hooping and learn about my approach to relationships. This is totally free for you to check out.

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